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Survive the Water Cooler.

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The sports newsletter for everyone. From devoted fans to those not knowing what a basketball or football is, Sportsball Update brings you the hottest sports stories and overviews to help you navigate those awkward work conversations

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The "Sports for Dummies" Publication


Sportsball Update Newsletter

Pour a glass with us. We help you navigate the small-talk with the latest sports news in a way that won't drown you. 

Scouting Reports and Guides

Looking to really impress your colleagues? The scouting reports have everything you need to fake your way to the top of cooler talk.



This tracker keeps you up to date on league status, expected return to play, and all other major league updates.

Major Sports News

The big 6. Stay up to date on the latest news in Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, and Golf.

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We're here for every level of sports fan

Jackie R., NY,

Expertise 8/10

“I read every single one!! I love the jokes trickled throughout and think it totally appeals to everyone, including those who are and are not familiar with sports. They’re always super quick reads!.”

Danielle L., OH,

Expertise 2/10

“I’ve always loved watching but never truly followed sports, so I finally feel ‘in the know’ with Sportsball Update! I love their quick, witty, but well thought out updates and would recommend it to everyone!”

"Even as someone who organizes most of his life around the next big sporting event, Sportsball is still crucial. It’s also useful to keep tabs on my favorite sports when they are in the off-season.”

Andrew F., D.C.,

Expertise 10/10

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